About Joy

Joy is a licensed counselor based in Northern VA. She is a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, a professor, and a business owner.

Her counseling style is collaborative and mainly strengths-based. She values your expertise in your own journey and will seek to meet you where you are. Professionally trained as a counselor and counselor educator, Joy has been in the counseling profession for 18 years. She desires to sit with you, listen, and support you as you figure out the next step.

Joy very much values her clients and the role of counseling. Having been raised in East Africa, her worldview is shaped by spirituality and other languages (Kikamba and Swahili), which may show up in session through proverbs or songs.

Some of Dr. Joy's specialty areas and people she works with include: Women, Women of color, Internationals, Immigrants, Expats, Faculty in Higher Education, Pastors, Pastor's Wives, PKs/MKs dealing with Transitions, Self-image, Depression, Troubled childhood, Anxiety, Church/Religious harm, Abuse, Racial hurt, or Relationships issues to name a few. You are at the right place. Reach out to Dr. Joy today for the support you need.

Joy will meet with you via a HIPAA secure portal that she will send to you. She can see clients in the State of Virginia and outside the USA, and offer Coaching services for anyone in and outside the State of Virginia.

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Counseling takes courage! Thank you for making this first step to reach out. I will seek to meet you where you are.